Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Broken West - Rock and Roll Hotel

G.H. was on the hunt for a new power pop group to replace TRS Deities, The Bigger Lovers. One blistery cold January day, G.L. Naut and I received an email entitled “the new bigger lovers” (which was actually his second stab at it, after a failed attempt with Cabinessence). I opened the link whilst G.L was berating the replacement band’s name (“retarded” was the term used, I believe) and I saw one word that made me know I would fall in love with this band: “Ghettotech.”

Actually, The Broken West (formerly The Brokedown) isn’t Ghettotech (people tell me they were being sarcastic) as their Myspace page used to indicate. They aren’t even Regional Mexican. They are straight up Power Pop and catchy as hell at that.

While their music isn't as glorious as TBL's, they do quite a few things right. Songs like "Hale Sunrise" and "Baby on My Arm" mimic the driving beat refrains with tensed falsetto vocals sprinkled on top. There is a wanting and strained emotion that comes through in the lyrics, even if the words themselves lack something.

As the balance of TRS can attest to, I despise some of TBW’s lyrics. Two songs on their recent release start with "If you wanna" and have “come on over” in the first line. I literally get the shivers when I hear them, but don’t let this dissuade you from the LA band’s upcoming shows. It seems as though these guys can rock on stage. "To hell with lyrics!" I say. Make yourself a vodka and vitamin water and check out the songs below.

Be warned, this Friday’s show has 4 bands… who the f is Whale Etouffee?

The Broken West (w/ The Walkmen, Farraby Lionheart, Whale Etouffee)
3/23/07 – Rock and Roll Hotel
*a source tells us that this show is almost sold out

The Broken West (w/ The Long Winters)
4/03/07 – Rock and Roll Hotel

The Broken West - Big City

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G.H. said...

What New Pornographers song does "On the Bubble" rip off?