Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Introducing: Impossible Hair

Ahh, Silver Spring, MD. Home to a seemingly endless supply of traffic, chain burrito shops, and Quizno's. But last week Impossible Hair -- Silver Spring's finest export since my buddy brought home some leftovers from Chevy's last month -- impressed a small contingent up at the Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights.

They deal mainly in that timeless, lo-fi angsty pop that heavily populate our respective record collections. Haven't found any mp3's to share yet, but their myspace page has a good sample of stuff. I recommend both "Find It" and "My Little Brother". Both have shades of GbV, the Soft Boys, and, you know, all the other British and/or faux-British bands you're supposed to like. Word on the street is that they're in the studio right now laying down tracks for their debut full-length, and it's being produced by another Rockist favorite.

If you care to check them out, they're doing a benefit show for Darfur (a favorite Rockist cause) at Guapo's up in Tenleytown, DC on March 29.

Impossible Hair - Stream various songs

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Nate said...

There's no Chevy's in Silver Spring.