Thursday, March 29, 2007

David Vandervelde: The Moonstation House Band

If you know the Rockists then you know that we love bands that ape Big Star, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. Our love for Power Pop is unadulterated and undeniable. Though slightly less public, our love for the glam-rock of the 70s is equally as intense and equally irrational. Unlike Power Pop, Nu-Glam doesn't have entire collectives devoted to it, though there are still a number of notable devotees. The Darkness are usually the first band that come to mind, though The M's are probably our favorite. Our favorite until now, that is.

David Vandervelde's debut, The Moonstation House Band, has got to be one of the best albums of the fledgling (and probably, nay definitely, made-up) Nu-Glam genre. He's got the swagger and overt sexuality to make Jagger blush and his Bolan-cum-Bowie vocal delivery is delightfully delicious. Album opener "Nothing No" is the clear standout and will be released June 19 as a single. "Can't See Your Face No More" is my personal favorite and has been on infinite repeat lately; it showcases the biggest hook - monstrous even - on the entire album.

If there's anything that fails on this album, it's the few throw-away tracks (unfortunate that there are any, as it's only eight songs long) like "Corduroy Blues" and the aptly-titled "Moonlight Instrumental". But we'll let it pass as this reverb-soaked debut from the 22 year old Vandervelde is about as good as it gets. Our friends over at Daytrotter describe it as "every bodily fluid known to man personified into music". I think that's about right.

Catch David Vandervelde on tour as he's supporting Richard Swift and Spoon in the upcoming months. DC locals can see him with Swift at the Black Cat on April 19.

David Vandervelde: "Nothing No"

David Vandervelde: "Can't See Your Pretty Face No More"

David Vandervelde (from the Daytrotter Sessions): "Fuckin' Around"

*photo courtesy of David Vandervelde's myspace page


DJ said...

Wow, I really dig this guy. Really catchy, almost reminds me of Ween or something.

Dfactor said...

Saw David a few weeks ago in NYC and looking forward to another helping tonight. Good music. Thanks for the audio.