Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Life Is Over: Updated

Not really, but the one show that I was really planning on seeing (two of the Rockists had +1's, I might add) has been canceled. Well, actually only one third of it has been canceled, but it was the one third that I was dead set on seeing.

I received an email today from Dean of Memphis Industries stating:
Hi Robb,

Ok we have some bad news and some (potentially) good news for you...

Firstly, unfortunately Field Music have had to curtail their American tour, basically a personal issue within the band has meant that they wont be playing in DC on the 31st. we wont be able to get you in for this show and we are very sorry for this...

However, we do have Tokyo Police Club playing at
Nightclub 9:30 this Thursday (the 28th) - would you fancy doing a bit of Team Memphis'ing at this gig instead, we could potentially get you and a friend in for this gig to collect names.

Let me know your thought as soon as you can.


Other than misspelling my name (and getting the day of the week wrong), Field Music canceling was probably the worst thing (knock on wood) that Dean could have told me this week (or month, for that matter). Next thing you know I'll get a phone call saying my degree is worthless, Green Lake evaporated and the girl I like is a lesbian.

What could the "personal issue" be? Two thirds of the band are twin brothers. Maybe a small scuffle. Did Peter get the bigger helping of mashed potatoes than David? Or is it something worse? Might Field Music be breaking up sooner than expected? They're still playing the Boston and New York shows tonight and tomorrow. What's the deal?

Any hypotheses?

UPDATE: Thanks to G.H., we have a little light shed on the subject. Via an email he received:
...wanted to let you all know that Field Music will not be playing Rock & Roll Hotel on March 31. It has just been announced that the band have been offered a performance spot on UK television that is too good to be passed up, and will be cutting their US tour short by a couple of dates, including this DC show...

So apparently some stupid TV show is more important than pleasing their fans in the bedrock of democracy. Communism is making a comeback...

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