Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This Week in Video

Apparently Yep Roc is re-releasing a Sloan song a day (for 30 days) as a countdown to SXSW. We caught this a little late, but 21 is a much better number than 1, don't you think?

"Last Time"

Again proving the title of this post wrong, Memphis Industries posted this video by our favorite Kiwis, Ruby Suns, two weeks ago. Kind of makes us hungry...

"Sleep in the Garden"

If you haven't seen the video of Arcade Fire's appearance on SNL this past weekend, you may be retarded. Just in case...

Watch it fast, though. We suspect NBC's hunters have this one in their scope for deletion.

We guess we should post a US band. Again, not released this week, but The Broken West did start their tour on Saturday. Be sure to check out their shows with The Walkmen on 3/23 and with The Long Winters on 4/3, both at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

"Down in the Valley"

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