Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Top Five Hold Steady Lyrics

On account of the Rockist crew trekking to Baltimore tonight to see the Hold Steady at the Ottobar, here are my five personal favorite Hold Steady lyrics:

1. "I surrounded myself with doctors and deep thinkers but big heads with soft bodies make for lousy lovers". - "Stuck Between Stations"

2. "Half the crowd is calling out for born to run and the other half is calling out for born to lose. baby we were born to choose." - Barfruit Blues

3. "i said i'll do anything but listen to some weird talking chick who just can't understand that we're hot soft spots on a hard rock planet. baby take off your beret. everyone's a critic and most people are djs." - Most People are DJs

4. "we didn't see the holy ghost. but the father and the son they seemed like regular folks. jesus rolled his eyes when his dad made jesus jokes. he forgave me for my sins. he said let this famine end and let the 2 for 1s begin." - Sketchy Metal

5. "if she says we partied then i'm pretty sure we partied. i really don't remember. i remember we departed from our bodies. we woke up in ybor city." - Killer Parties

There are a bunch more I had to eliminate. Anybody want to share their favorites?

*picture from the band's myspace page.


Tim S. said...

"in barlight, she looked alright. in daylight, she looked desperate. that's alright i was desperate, too."
-Sequestered In Memphis

"she likes the part where one brother kills the other. she has to wonder if the the world ever will recover. because cain and abel seem to still be causing trouble."
-the cattle and the creeping things

ellen said...

"I have to try so hard not to fall in love, I have to concentrate when we kiss."
-Hornets! Hornets!

"She said I laid beneath my lovers but I've never gotten laid"
-How a ressurection really feels

bananafish said...

She crashed into the Easter Mass with her hair done up in broken glass.

She was limping left on broken heels.

When she said "Father can I tell your congregation how a resurrection really feels?"