Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oranges Band to open for Dismemberment Plan Reunion

Everyone in DC's talking about the Dismemberment Plan reunion these days. How they got tickets, how they didn't get tickets, how they didn't even know that tickets were on sale, how they just want tickets sooo badly.

Do I like the D-Plan? Yes. Would I like tickets? Sure. Did I try to get them? No. Did I think about trying to get them? Not really. Would I pay 15 bucks for them? Sure. Would I pay 25?

Normally, no. But I ran into Roman Kuebler of the Oranges Band at the Ottobar on Tuesday and he informed me that the band will be opening up for the Friday night D-Plan show, April 27th. Now that's a dynamite double bill in my opinion. None of us are most likely getting tickets, but for all of you going, don't miss the opening acts.

*Also, in the most random reunion in recent memory, 60s San Fran Psych-Sludge-Blues group Blue Cheer are back together and will be hitting the Black Cat on April 17. If Frijid Pink announce a show at RnR Hotel this spring, we'll really be in trouble.

*Just announced: Canadian pop-Yep-Rockers Sloan to the Black Cat on May 13. Tickets on sale Saturday. Touring in support of Never Hear the End of It, a soon-to-be Rockist Listening Session selection. Stay tuned.

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