Friday, April 20, 2007

This Week in Video: Crazy Weekend for 2 of TRS Edition

As you will hear from G.H., these next few days will be pretty intense... unfortunately, this Rockist will only partake in The XYZ Affair. Because I was pulled out of town, I will do a tribute to the shows I have (will) missed (miss).

Last night was David Vandervelde with Richard Swift and Page France at Le Chat Noir. Judging by the stories of G.H. and G.L.'s hangovers, I'm assuming it was a pretty good show.

"Murder In Michigan"

Saturday is the big one. The Oranges Band will play with front man Roman Kuebler's ex-band, Spoon at Sonar in our neighbor to the NE. The show is sold out. I had tickets. Damn you lead based paint!

Spoon - "I Turn My Camera On"

The Oranges Band - "OK Apartment"

Sunday night our friends The XYZ Affair are playing the Rock and Roll Hotel. I'll be at that show.

Monday, however, is a different story. The Whigs will be rocking NE without me in attendance. I'm not too sure if the balance of the Rockists will make it, either. After 4 shows in 5 days, they may be a little tuckered out. C'mon, give 'em your support... or at least buy them a Sparks.

"Right Hand On My Heart"

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