Thursday, April 12, 2007

TRS Takes a Road Trip

As I Guess I'm Floating so ably pointed out earlier this week, one rite of Spring for many native Kentuckians is spending your Saturdays betting on horses and swilling bourbon at Keeneland.

It's an event/tradition I didn't appreciate enough while I was out there, but there's no sense in gushing over the thick green grass, ivy-covered walls, and incredible racing. I've never met anyone who didn't have a good time there, and it just so happens the entire Rockist Society attended last year's Bluegrass Stakes. And this year -- look out, here we come again, and we're bringing our friends. Ok, alright, ok, alright...
But more than just racing and bourbon, it's a chance to hit the open road, see some beautiful country, and give a little more attention to some music we've had on pile for a while. For instance, Sloan's Never Hear the End of It is slated for play, as are a number of others.

We've also got two iPods full of Rob and G.L.'s stuff (this classicist still deals in compact discs), which should make for an interesting ride, given that we all have virtually the exact same taste in music. Here are a few tunes that seem custom-made for the our road trip. Let us know if you all have anything to add.

Arcade Fire - "Keep The Car Running"
(particularly apt as the Buick Le Sabre we will be driving died two days ago)
Lifter Puller - "Let's Get Incredible"
Windsor for the Derby - "Melody of the Fallen Tree"
The Flying Burrito Brothers - "Wild Horses"
*oh, and we'll be out of the office half of Thursday and all of Friday. See you all next week.

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G. L. Naut said...

it was probably an honest mistake, gh, but you forgot tom waits' "jockey full of bourbon". a more apt title - considering this weekend's events - i've yet to see...