Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Magic Numbers LP to get US release

Pitchfork broke the news that the Magic Numbers' sophomore release, Those the Brokes, will hit US shores on July 3.

Lucky for you all, the Rockists have had it for a while, on account of some insider trading and a little thing called "imports." We're happy to announce that it sounds almost exactly like the last one, maybe with a little punchier production, but ultimately lots of boy-girl vocal trade-offs, harmonized breakdowns mid-song, and lots of tunes about falling in and out of love. You probably either missed or dismissed their first, self-titled album, but I found that one to be a real winner, and paired with a warm and engaging live show, they ranked amongst my favorite acts for a while.

To be honest, the new album runs a little long, but the first two singles -- or what should be the first two singles -- the cleverly named "This is a Song" and "Take A Chance" are pretty great. They're probably out there for listening somewhere. Oh, wait, look...they're right here. If you can hold out though, you can be celebrating your Independence Day with the best British brother-sister band of -- at least -- the last decade or so.

And if you're bored with all that, here's a cover the Numbers do of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love."

The Magic Numbers - "Take a Chance"
The Magic Numbers - "This is a Song"
The Magic Numbers - "Crazy in Love"

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