Monday, April 30, 2007

The Artist Formerly Known as Mazarin

A fitting re-write of Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" for a growing number of indie bands might include the lyric, "How many bands will have to change their name? / Just to avoid stupid lawsuits? / Yes and how many times must a perfectly good band / Tag a stupid suffix to their name?" First there was Dinosaur --> Dinosaur Jr., and, recently, Beach Boys-disciples dios were forced to become dios malos because it was too close to the heavy metal band Dio.

Ok, maybe not, but poor, poor Mazarin. They released the tremendously underrated We're Already There, got a nice little gig opening up on a national tour with the Walkmen, then got told they can't record as Mazarin anymore. Here's a good rundown of exactly what happened.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. A couple weeks ago, Quentin Stoltzfus and the gang posted a message on their website stating that they were back to work as a band. They write:

We should also mention, we will be redirecting traffic coming to this site, and
to our myspace page towards new sites where our music and likeness can exist in
harmony without fear of being prosecuted! Please stick with us! It means a lot!
We're writing new music, thinking of a band name, and all the other stuff humans
have to do.

Best of all, they landed their song "For Energy Infinite" in a few Puma commercials, which might finally turn some folks onto this very deserving bunch of Philly psych-poppers.

Either way, we'll keep doing our part -- check out their stuff on myspace and some mp3s below here.

Mazarin - "Louise"

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