Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday: Field Music - Tones of Town

The members of The Rockist Society meet at least once a month to listen to a new or generally unknown album to which none of said members have listened and drink genre/band fitting beverages.

I don't know if it was the strength of the G&Ts, anticipation for the Super Bowl or the company of my fellow Rockists, but good goddamn, I friggin love Tones of Town.

Ok, I have a confession to make. Before the listening, I actually had listened to the album no less than 7 times total. The first I had ever heard of Field Music was when the video to "A House is Not a Home" was released on youtube. I was hooked. I subsequently looked up anything I could find from this band and was not disappointed.

With it's seemingly manic drum beat and driving 12 beat guitar riff, "Give It Lose It Take It" opens the album with force. The album goes straight into "Sit Tight" with a Modest Mouse sort of feel developing into a breakdown of layered beat box, keys and their ever present "ooooooooo"s. Alternating from poppy licks to mellow harmonies, many songs on the album are supplemented with strings, which makes this amateur blogger wonder what the trio will do for their show at the Rock and Roll Hotel in March.

Tones of Town times in only 32 minutes and, much like a third of a gopher, it arouses your appetite without bedding it back down. No song is over 4 minutes, which leaves the listener wanting more. This is most true on "A Gap Has Appeared," whose powerful rhythmic composition section lasts for a meager 75 seconds.

The album isn't released in the States until 2/20, so if you want it now, you'll have to shell out a couple bucks to Mr. Jobs or send some quid over the pond. It's worth it.

Also, check out their earlier stuff. It's just as quality.

Field Music - Closer At Hand
Field Music - She Can Do What She Wants
Field Music - Tones Of Town

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