Friday, February 9, 2007

Pela and These United States

Here in our nation's capital, the DCist is sponsoring another show in their Unbuckled series next week, on Thursday February 16. It's down at DC9, everyone's favorite Schlitz emporium, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Pela are coming all the way down from New York City. Can you believe that? What a huge and great city! Don't we all wish DC could be more like New York? Think about how much better off we'd all be. I hear their pizza is really excellent up there. But back to the topic at hand: they're a promising bunch, that Pela, cranking out passionate post-rockers, not unlike the rousing yelps of the Arcade Fire.

When you hear the name These United States, it sounds like a cheesy ploy to get some Google hits... and it probably is. But this DC band goes way beyond that. Reminding us of a more upbeat M. Ward, front man Jesse Elliot weaves us through jangle pop tunes with a slight alt-country feel. Get ready to tap your toes.

Pela - Stream Various Songs
These United States - The Business

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