Thursday, February 15, 2007

Introducing the Broadfield Marchers

All of us at the Rockist Society hold a tremendous amount of pride in where we're from, so each time a band from our home state starts making even the most minor waves, we tend to take an inordinate amount of interest. While the other Rockists have a fair claim to their home state being the (indie) rock capital of the country (not to mention blues, jazz, polka...), I can't quite claim the same wealth of resources. But Kentucky -- where I was born and raised -- has its share of groundbreaking country artists, is the birthplace of bluegrass, and also still has its share of quality of rock bands: Slint, My Morning Jacket, the Apples in Stereo (sorta), to name a few. You can now add the Broadfield Marchers to the list. Like a lo-fi version of the Who -- in other words, Guided by Voices, but with better harmonies -- they've just put out a new album on Secretly Canadian, When the Lifted Connive, and picked up a nice little review in the latest issue of Magnet. There's not much out there to read on these guys, so you'd be best served to go check out the Keith Moon drum swells that introduce "Kingdom of Lions" and the wistful, nearly ethereal "Harriet Nice", which sounds like the early Byrds sans 12-string jangle.

The Broadfield Marchers - Various tracks (stream)
*photo courtesy of band's myspace page.

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robotboy said...

I just picked up their debut record after reading this review. Was a little weary with the comparisons,Gbv Who, but they lived up to their idols and maybe even gained a step. For a debut, they are 13 consecutive pysch-pop hits ala '67 but still sounds fresh amongst todays corporate glut. Great new band from Kentucky that doesnt sound like anything here. Highly recommend