Monday, November 10, 2008

They are trying to break my heart.

I can't remember if we've blogged about it, but we sure have dreamed about it.

Yes, it's been a couple of years since we first said that the Hold Steady and the Drive-By Truckers should tour together.  And then they did.  And not just a couple shows together, a whole freakin' tour.  That somehow, someway, appears to be hitting every major and minor city in the eastern half of the United States -- EXCEPT Washington, DC or anywhere within three hours of it.  

I do think this is odd, as the Truckers and the Steady sell out each and every time they play around here. But then again, both have been through relatively recently and maybe didn't want to oversaturate?  To that I would say "No, please, saturate!  Saturate liberally!"

Well they took it one step too far the other night.  Largehearted Boy -- God bless him, I know he meant well -- posted an mp3 of the two bands covering "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World", together, like one of those sweet Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-induction-ceremony jam sessions with way too many people playing rhythm guitar, two bassists, everybody sharing mics, the roadies shaking tambourines.  It made me feel like an 17 year old, discovering a vast new world of indie rock bands, but unable to get in the door to any of their shows.  

The Drive-By Truckers (with the Hold Steady) - "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" (live)


Hoodrat said...

philly is within 3 hours of DC. AND SO WORTH IT. so were nashville and NYC.

G.H. said...

three hours? possibly. if youre dependent on public transport, probably not.

G.H. said...

but well done sir getting to all three. the rockists salute you.

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