Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hypothetical future Centro-matic song titles

I can't go see Centro-matic Wednesday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel because I have to study. But you really ought to go. An all around good lineup of Will Johnson and co. side projects and full band stuff, and nary a Rockist has seen them and not been impressed. Johnson is also an affable sort, quite funny on stage when he opens his mouth.

In honor of them though, and in hopes that you will attend, here are five hypothetical songs off a future Centro-matic LP:

Epicureal on Channel Forty-Two
Argyle at the Limited Co.
The Mighty Midget Kitchen
Toaster in the Recycling Bin
Umenyiora Sits Out the Season

Centro-matic - "Calling Thermatico"
Centro-matic - "Argonne Limit Co."
*Basically my favorite music blog -- in terms of content at least -- Captain's Dead has a full live show from their hometown of Denton, TX here.


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