Monday, November 24, 2008

Fake Bandnames

We've done some stuff on this before, but the AV Club just posted a fairly funny article on fake bandnames.

I've been privy to a number of brainstorming bandname sessions, and somewhere have a spiral notebook filled with aborted song lyrics and potential monikers for the never-existent groups I briefly dallied around with.

Some of them included:

The Motorsouls - a name stolen from something I read in my Religions of South Asia course and decided it would make a great band name at a time in my life when I thought mystical Indian religious concepts made great band names. The Motorsouls was later appropriated by my friend's actual band for exactly one gig, when they were billed as "Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Motorsouls.

Natty Bumppo - would've been a decent name for a Ween-influence slacker dub/reggae outfit of literary liberal arts college types. Unfortunately, we were just a Ween-influenced slacker classic rock cover band of mostly literary, mostly liberal arts college types. Did play one gig -- "Devilstock 2000" at Henry Clay High School (nickname: Blue Devils) in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Comanche/Soul Trio - Meant to be an acoustic three-piece, musical direction undetermined. Birthed my now-defunct blog of the same name and my own personal, unofficial record label.

Bobby and the Malt-Shop Boys - the one-off alter ego of Juggernaut (see below). Played the exact same songs as Juggernaut, but performed in letter jackets and neckties.

The Bro Sweets - named for Clinton Portis' press conference alter ego, Kid Bro Sweets. Envisioned as a return to power pop almost-glory -- just three, brightly ringing chords, a fine melody, a dash of bittersweet resignation, and middle-of-the-road harmonies. Without any musical ability, my role in the band was never determined.

The Milkshakes - An indie pop alter ego of The Bro Sweets. Acoustic. Practiced once in our old basement on Capitol Hill. Later gathered together to listen to a Yo La Tengo all-request show. Broke up shortly thereafter.

Wow. A quick review of that list reveals it to be far more embarassing than I would have thought. On the other hand, there was Angus and the Beefcattle, a high school group fronted by a gentle giant of a man that banged out the simpler side of classic rock with relative abandon; and Juggernaut, a (still on hiatus) college group featuring myself and G.L., lots of over-the-top antics, cheap bourbon, endless renditions of "Down By the River" and a decidedly sloppy take on "Sweet Jane".

How about you all? G.L. suggests Jump Ball Jones and the Backcourt Violations and The Horse Collars. I always liked the Zambonis, but I think that's a real band. Let's have it: what's your imaginary band go by?


Pave the Whales said...

I see two possibilities:
Flashlight Bromance
Dinosaur Porn

Ben said...

A college friend and I were going to start a band called Self-Titled, which would then also be the name of our first album and its first song (and lead single). We just wanted to hear how DJ try to announce the song, band, and record on the air without having his words fold in on themselves. Our sophomore effort would of course have been titled "Eponymous," if only REM hadn't beat us to that one.

Pave the Whales said...

I also considered the same exact thing as Ben. Literally. For the exact same reasons.

Heather said...

My Rock Band name is 2 Girls, 1 Mic

G. L. Naut said...

i just emailed this one to graham before i realized he had posted: pelvis costello & the contractions.

Ben said...

Pave the Whales, I think the thing to do is just both of us start bands with that name, and let the confusion just multiply upon itself...

Really, though, I feel like I come across a great band name every day, even in my research. Today's: Bog Butter. I'm thinking that's a southern garage band, noisy and funky, but, you know, smooth and creamy, too.

G.H. said...

The Thrifty Nickels
Fisheye Houdini