Friday, August 8, 2008

Sooner or Later It All Gets Real

This post is seriously overdue, but I just wanted to update the Rockist faithful and let them know the reason for my recent - though not entirely uncharacteristic - lack of posting. As the architecturally savvy may have already guessed from the picture above, I've moved to Chicago. The reason for the relocation wasn't because Laura Burhenn finally got around to filing that restraining order, and it wasn't because they stopped selling Sparks in DC or something. No, it wasn't anything quite so horrifying. The fact is I've recently left the ranks of DC cube jockeys and will start grad school in the fall. While bettering myself intellectually is great and all, it may mean even more infrequent posts from yours truly. If Rob and GH will still have me, I'll stay on the masthead and try to post via Chicago (heh heh) as much as I can.

One good thing about the move, other than escaping the hegemony of the Black Cat and no longer having to pay $12 a beer at the Rock and Roll Hotel, is that Chicago is a damn fine spot for rockists. I'm personally looking forward to living within walking distance of the famed Reckless Records. A decent record store was always something I missed while living in DC, so that's a plus. Not to mention a local music scene that doesn't include that stupid band with the twins and the violins - what was their name? I really hated them.... Anyway, it seems I'll have plenty of material to write about, whether I actually do is a different story. So, yeah, keep your dials tuned to the Rockist Society for sporadic updates from the heartland.

Neil Young - "Walk On"

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