Monday, May 12, 2008

Drive-By Truckers Setlist @ 9:30 Club (5-9-08)

Great, long, and (sometimes) painfully loud show from Rockist heroes DBT. Let it also be noted that The Dexateens opened with a full hour-plus set that was worth the price of admission in its own right. Their newest album, Lost and Found, is quite good and downloadable for free (legally) on their website. I also picked up one of their previous releases, Hardwire Healing, which is very strong as well.

Anyway, the Truckers were their usual selves. Not having Jason Isbell around sort of cuts out the pretty-melody, radio country stuff, leaving the group to just obliterate your eardrums for as long as they (and you) can take it. On a number of occasions, lead singer Patterson Hood waxed with varying degrees of eloquence on how much he loved the 9:30 and how DC was always so great to his band. Seemed pretty genuine to me. As you'd expect, the setlist was strong and varied, though I can't believe I missed Cooley's "Self-Destructive Zones" on Saturday night. And you almost sense that they just can't resist the urge to play "Let There Be Rock" and "People Who Died" in the encore -- the crowd just eats it up too much. My vote for the night's best song? A tie between "Guitar Man" and "The Company I Keep", with Shonna's "I'm Sorry Houston" making a good run for it.

The Drive-By Truckers - 9:30 Club - May 9, 2008
Putting People on the Moon / Where The Devil Don't Stay / The Righteous Path / One of These Days / The Company I Keep / Play It All Night Long (W. Zevon cover) / Gravity's Gone / The Living Bubba / Checkout Time in Vegas / You and Your Crystal Meth / Goode's Field Road / A Ghost to Most / I'm Sorry Houston / Sink Hole / Dead, Drunk, and Naked / Guitar Man / Lookout Mountain // 3 Dimes Down / Zip City / Let There Be Rock / World of Hurt / Buttholeville > State Trooper (B. Springsteen cover) > Buttholeville* / People Who Died (J. Carroll cover)*

*with members of The Dexateens

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