Friday, April 25, 2008

This Week in Video: Arbor Day Edition

Time to resurrect an old favorite. (Let's not kid ourselves, this is a way for me to mail it in...)

Did you know Tane Mahuta loosly translated means retro furry porn? Me neither...

The Ruby Suns - "Tane Mahuta"

For you all who missed last night's SSLYBY show (and the fights outside caused by Tom Morello fans), here's a tasty morsel. F-ing girls, man.

Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin - "Think I Wanna Die"

Who walked away from Kyoto? I want to know his name, GD it! (See how I didn't curse there? Yeah, this is a family show.) Oh, and join the Rockists at the concert event of the year on May 11.

Radiohead - "House of Cards" on Conan

When I was in elementary school listening to R.E.M., I could never decipher the lyrics. (Turns out they were pretty much just gibberish anyway. "I wore my doormat face"? Wtf?) Now, this is no longer a problem.

R.E.M. - "Hollowman"


G.H. said...

arbor day and earth day in the same week is a lot for me to handle.

Jimbromski said...

Were there really fights at the SSLY B Yeltsin show?

Rob said...

yeah, some drunk guy got kicked out from upstairs and tried to fight the bouncers outside.

low class...

Jimbromski said...

well, you gotta fight for your right etc etc

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