Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stuff Rockists Like

1. Lording their obscure knowledge and taste over others.

So as a recently reformed smoker (2 months sans cigarrettes, go me!), I've found myself with some extra cash lying around. And instead of, like, saving it, I've been blowing most of it on albums. Here's a rundown of some recent and notable purchases.

Nick Lowe Jesus of Cool - alternatively named Pure Pop for Now People for the more sensitive American public, this was Nick "Basher" Lowe's first solo outing after his stint producing most of Elvis Costello's best albums. It's not the most consistent thing ever, but the man sure mastered the art of the 3 minute pop song. "So it Goes"

Young Fresh Fellows Electric Bird Digest and, their ode to The Rockist Society (jk), The Men Who Loved Music - think equal parts Replacements and Big Star and you have an idea of what journeyman Scott McCaughey and company were going for - anthemic power pop that never met a canned beer it didn't like. Various songs

Roy Loney & The Longshots Drunkard in the Think Tank - as you'd expect, this sounds a lot like Loney's former band, The Flamin' Groovies, when he was still a member. It might be a hipper record than Flamingo or Teenage Head, but it's still loud-as-hell roadhouse blues played at breakneck speeds. Coincidentally, The Longshots feature members of the Young Fresh Fellows including McCaughey (see? Journeyman). "Evil Hearted Ada"

Pavement Slanted & Enchanged: Luxe & Reduxe - my roommate in college had this special/extended edition and we listened to it pretty much all the time senior year - I guess it stuck with me. Much better than the Crooked Rain Crooked Rain reissue in my opinion, mainly for the inclusion of the Watery, Domestic EP and the live set. "Frontwards (Live)"

*special thanks to Butter Team for the Pavement mp3


butter team said...

not a big deal, but typically if you link to an mp3 you mention where it came from. you are welcome to link to our files though. pavement rulez

G. L. Naut said...

sorry about the faux pas, butter team. i was unaware of the rules. consider it fixed.

long live malkmatraz.

G.H. said...

yeah, ass hole.