Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boognish Rising: Ween Live at Constitution Hall

G.L. and I went to DAR to see Ween last night. A very strong performance from Dean, Gene, and their friends Claude, Dave, and Glenn. More on it later.

In the meantime, I jotted down the setlist last night. Here it is:

WEEN - DAR Constitution Hall - 1/23/07 SETLIST
Exactly Where I'm At/ Pork Roll Egg and Cheese/ Spinal Menangitis/ Bananas and Blow/ Learning to Live/ Voodoo Lady/ Back to Bosom/ My Own Bare Hands/ Take Me Away/ Transdermal Celebration/ Waving My Dick in the Wind/ Nan/ Touch My Tooter/ I've Got to Put the Hammer Down/ Object/ Buckingham Green/ Your Party/ Beacon Light/ I'll Be Your Johnny on the Spot/ Zoloft/ Roses Are Free/ Spirit Walker/ The Mollusk/ Did You See Me?/ Ocean Man*/ Dr. Rock/ Shamemaker>Fiesta // Mister Richard Smoker/ Mister Won't You Please Help My Pony?/ Stroker Ace/ You Fucked Up

Also, some quality pics here.


Anonymous said...

Man, what a shit show.

The acoustics in DAR Hall were horrific - the vocals bounced all over the room.

The guys sounded loose and out of practice.

We left after an hour - disappointed and shocked. Nothing like their shows in the late 90's.

G.H. said...

Hmm, yeah. Well, since you only stuck around for a third of the show, let me be the first to tell you that the rest of it was actually quite good.

The sound did initially suck, but also got a lot better. The venue didn't suit them particularly well either, and it's the first night of a tour -- probably why they sounded a little loose and rusty. But it was still a worthwhile performance in my book.