Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Led Zeppelin to play Bonnaroo?

We don't like gossip, we don't like those who gossip, and we don't like to talk about those that gossip.

But when we get word that some Rockist legends are getting back together (relax folks, it's not the Bigger Lovers), Rockist Commandments state that thou must share the information.

So it looks like Led Zeppelin -- and not this Page and Plant crap -- will be reuniting and playing at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN this summer. It's still a rumor, but it's on Billboard, so it must be good. On second thought, Josh Groban's on Billboard too so... well, nevermind. The report's here. I guess Metallica is rumored to be there too, but I'm not really too worked up about that. If we hear anything else, we'll keep you posted.

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