Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best D.C. Shows of 2007

Our inaugural year as bloggers has taken us to numerous shows in the area with Sparks in hand. Here are our favorites.

Rob: It gets quite hard to remember all of the shows we attended. It could be that there were so many, but the booze is most likely the main factor. Here are my top 5, in some particular order.

5. Wilco - Merriweather Post Pavilion - 6/21/07

Two words: three encores

4. Lucero w/ Catfish Haven - Black Cat - 4/6/07

The end of a great week

3. The Twilight Sad - Rock and Roll Hotel - 10/1/07

Then GL and I drank Scotch... a lot of Scotch

2. Band of Horses - 9:30 Club - 11/2/07

The latest show I've been to in DC

1. The Long Winters w/ The Broken West - Rock and Roll Hotel - 4/3/07

The start of a great week


Between DCist and Rockist, I've never crammed so many shows into a single year. The really good news is that there were no bad ones really. But here are my five best:

5. The Polyphonic Spree - 9:30 Club - 7/1/07

The switch from white robes to black janitor suits matched the lyrical switch from bright suns to political protest, but the music was still grandiose and Tim DeLaughter still a first-rate bandleader.

4. The Whigs - Rock and Roll Hotel - 4/23/07

Chalk one up for blistering rock and roll. These guys played a no-frills hour long set to a meager audience on a Monday night that pretty much encompassed every single song they know. But when you play with this kind of heart, you don't really need too much more.

3. The Long Winters - Rock and Roll Hotel - 4/3/07

John Roderick and crew get points for the most crowd-pleasing set of the year, and double points for opening with a sardonic, but hilarious instrumental titled "Blues in E". Now that's irony.

2. Jason Isbell - Rock and Roll Hotel - 7/18/07

After leaving the DBT, no one knew how Isbell would fair on the road (or on record) with his new band, the 400 Unit. The results were exhilarating, the Truckers' arena-ready show brought back to its rock club roots.

1. Arcade Fire - DAR Constitution Hall - 5/4/07

The big, obvious one, perhaps, but undoubtedly the biggest spectacle, the most dramatic, the most dynamic, and, in the end, the one that'll stick with me the longest.


Helluva year, all told. I felt like I was either A) at a concert or B) hungover. You might say the two are somehow related. And you'd be right. Here are my top five shows/whiskey slugfests/hangovers/reasons to eat McDonald's breakfast of the year:

5. David Vandervelde - Black Cat - 4/19/07

There's no way GH and I weren't the drunkest two people at this one.

4. Asobi Seksu - Rock and Roll Hotel - 1/19/07

Great for a number of reasons. We somehow finagled a way to get in despite it being sold out. Our friend Jason successfully defended some chick's honor. It was the loudest show I think I've ever been to. At least until...

3. Twilight Sad - Rock and Roll Hotel - 10/1/07

Really really great. Don't know what else to say.

2. Long Winters - Rock and Roll Hotel - 4/3/07

Like GH mentioned, John Roderick is the ultimate showman. Equal parts stand up comedy and rock show.

1. Arcade Fire - DAR Constitution Hall - 5/4/07

Terrific concert from one indie rock's biggest bands. They delivered not only musically, but also in putting on a great, big show.

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