Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The XYZ Affair: We Told You So

Remember what we've been saying about The XYZ Affair? How they appear to be on the cusp of a real break? "Catchiest guitar hooks", "soaring performances", "the kind of stuff major labels kill for"?

Dedicated blog readers will have already seen the band's video for "All My Friends". Featuring some of your favorite forgotten stars of your Nickelodeon days, it's popped up on a number of blogs -- including Stereogum and Oh My Rockness. Then we/I suggested them for DCist's Unbuckled show earlier this July, and that was a huge hit. And today they're featured on Spin.com as the Band of the Day, complete with a glowing writeup that very much echoes and even kinda mimicks our own praise.

Here's that video for "All My Friends". Classic.

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