Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Casual Dining with Dean Ween

Reviewing Ween's quebec back in '03, Eric Carr of Pitchfork wrote, "...nothing I say makes any difference. It's Ween. Their fans adore them, and the rest of you don't care."

So true. If you've ever been to a Ween show, you know that they a) can sell out Cedar Rapids on a Sunday and b) those fans are rabid as hell. They actually prefer to hear Ween's most self-indulgent, worst material (imagine, for example, if Wilco fans clamored for "Less Than You Think") and they'll drive a few hundred miles to do so.

I can't quite count myself as one of their biggest fans, but I do own virtually every album and I've seen them a few times as well. They haven't put out a proper LP since quebec, which I found to be characteristically spotty but a whole lot of fun. For those of you seeking Rockist credit for picking this one up, please note that Jim James of My Morning Jacket listed it as one of his favorite albums of 2003 in one of those British music mags (still searching for that link).

But to the point -- their infrequently updated website is almost always hilarious, with Dean Ween running the show and providing running commentary through the "Waste" page. They finally updated it, and this time Deaner has provided a list of his favorite cheap snacks to have around the house. Very funny; see his diatribes on cafeteria beverages and the ethnic makeup of his snack pantry.

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