Friday, May 25, 2007

Bob Pollard returns with The Takeovers

Robert Pollard fans never have to wait long for some new tunes from their hero. Between his former Guided by Voices stuff, the Fading Captain series, the solo work, the outtakes albums, his stuff with Tommy Keene and Mac McCaughan of Portastatic, there's always something new.

Here's a new side project from Bob (speaking of side projects, we're hoping to have a post soon responding to an email from loyal TRS reader Ben questioning the Rockist-ness of side projects), this time with all kinds of characters. His former GbV buddy Chris Slusarenko joins full-time, but he also calls in Stevie Malkmus, John Moen of the Decemberists, and Dan Peters of Mudhoney to play in a new thing they're calling The Takeovers, and their new release is called Bad Football (if memory serves, wasn't Pollard a star quarterback in high school?).

What does it sound like? Doesn't every Pollard project sound the same? Cheap, fuzzy guitars in 4/4 time, roughly two minutes long, and complimented by catchy vocal lines delivered in a faux-faux British accent. If it's your bag, might as well take these three free (even though "Molly and Zack" is kinda dull) tunes the label's offering up:

The Takeovers - "Molly and Zack"
The Takeovers - "My Will"

and a couple other Bob Pollard goodies -

Robert Pollard - "Supernatural Car Lover"
Guided by Voices - "Hardcore UFOs" (live)
Guided by Voices - "Baba O' Riley" (live, Who cover)

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