Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Rockist Mind F*ck

R.E.M., The National, Modest Mouse
Merriweather Post
June 11

The rock sauce will be flying.


Jumbo Slice said...

Have you seen REM before? If so, were they good?

I've seen REM twice and both shows were disappointing. Actually, boring is a better description. Maybe I was just unlucky and caught them at off shows.

G.H. said...

REM was one of the first shows I ever saw, in middle school, on the Monster tour. Kinda unfortunate, but I thought it was pretty awesome back then. Crush with Eyeliner, anyone?

Rob said...

I saw them in '03 at ACL. It was a pilgrimage for me since they had been my favorite band since the 4th grade and I had yet to see them. It was great (but I'm biased). The 8 hour drive back to New Orleans immediately after the Sunday night show to get to class, not so much.

I've been disappointed in them in recent years, mainly after the BB left. Let's hope Accelerate doesn't accelersuck.

Jon said...

Couldn't pay me enough to go to this show...blech.

Unknown said...

I saw them in North Carolina in 2003 and Bill Berry actually made a return to the stage for a couple of songs. They all seemed to be in a very celebratory mood so suffice it to say - awesome show.

The only name on that bill that actually concerns me is Modest Mouse as in my previous experience, dealing with their fans has been a godawful experience that made me turn to the onstage histrionics of one Bradford Cox for relief. Yeah - you heard me right.

Nonetheless - pretty excited about this lineup. :D