Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally, an (almost) apology

I logged on to that ever wonderful piece of News Corp,, today. Lo and behold there was a message waiting for me from Field Music with the subject " Aaarrggh, we're useless!" I guess I had asked them when they were coming back to the states and this is what Davey had to say:

Hey there, 'fraid to say we have no plans at the mo to head back to the states - we're pretty much off all band activity. There's a slight possibility I'll come across at some point next year to do some gigs on my own as School of Language, but it all remains to be seen. I'm still gutted we ditched the DC gig - shame on us! shame!
Take care

That's right Davey... shame on you. Maybe I'll just cancel coming to your not yet planned dates... yeah, maybe I will. How does that make you feel?

Not that I'm still sore about it.*

*ed. note: I am

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