Monday, March 17, 2008

Five Neil Young Covers.

Slow day around here after a long weekend spent both literally sweating at the raucous Rockist outing at the Black Lips' Black Cat show on Saturday and figuratively sweating out the announcement of the NCAA brackets. Seemed like a good day for a few covers, and for some reason Neil Young was on the brain. I tried to get a good selection of not-so-often covered material here (with one obvious exception).

The Mobius Band - "Razor Love"
A fairly recently released tune off Neil's 2000's Silver and Gold.

Buddy Miles - "Down By The River"
This one's been passed around the net a lot lately since Miles passed away. Always a classic, this time a little funkier.

A tune that rarely gets its due off On the Beach, leave it to Tim Rutili and the gang to pull this one out of the hat.

Okkervil River - "Mellow My Mind"
In my top 5 all time Neil tracks, both as a perfect set closer and for Neil's absurd voice cracks in the original. Will Sheff's voice suits this tune pretty nicely.

Emily Haines - "Expecting to Fly"
First recorded by Neil with Spectorite producer Jack Nitzche on Buffalo Springfield's finest hour, Buffalo Springfield Again, the original featured Neil's tentative vocals and huge, swooning strings. This one's a cool take from Haines' Minnesota Public Radio sessions.

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