Friday, March 21, 2008

Five for Friday

It's officially springtime, when bloggers everywhere are returning from SXSW to tease you with tales of how awesome it was. It's also time for them to roll out their "it's officially springtime" posts, and start using descriptors like "California rock", "sun-kissed melodies", and "shiny pop goodness" until all you want to hear is an early demo of Metal Machine Music or maybe some acoustic Mogwai or something. Here are some unrelated songs for your listening pleasure:
The Raveonettes - "Black Satin"
The Dexateens - "Slender Thread"
Sun Kil Moon - "Lily and Parrots"

1 comment:

SXSW Yawn said...

SXSW wasn't that awesome. Seriously, it's so overblown and full of hipster poseurs.

I DID just use the word "poseur" so I suppose that I am one, also.

See?! Just a bunch of people like me. No one enjoys that.