Friday, November 9, 2007

A Rockist Goes to Washinton, Part IV: "I'm not a Rockist, I just play one on TV."

Usually, we Rockists don't like to show our faces or likenesses, (it's not about us, it's about the music) but this is too good.

Today, I was just hanging out in the loading dock of Postal Square, waiting to head underground, when I noticed Tom Cavanagh, TV star, hopping out of a Volvo. Here's how the conversation went.*
Rob: Tom?
Tom: Yeah.
Rob: Holy crap, Tom Cavanagh. I just saw you last night on Scrubs.
Tom: Oh yeah? I actually missed the episode, how was it?
Rob: It was good. Not as sappy as the new ones have been, which is a good thing.
Tom: Let me ask you, at the end, did J.D. and I have a conversation in the Prius that was like "How do I start this thing?" "You push the button... No, that's the windshield wipers... No, that's the parking brake..."?
Rob: Ummm, I don't think so.
Tom: Dang, that was my favorite part.
Rob: Sounds funny.
Tom: Hey, I like your outfit... where can I get one?
Rob: Thanks. I don't think you want one. Hey, can I get a picture?
Tom: Sure thing.
(I rummage through my tool bag and pull out a camera)
Tom: Oh, you just carry one of those around with you?
Rob: Well, you do when you're an inspector.
Tom: Ah, I see. Wow, nice camera.
Rob: Thanks, it's water and shock proof.
Tom: Cool. I'm Tom.
Rob: Nice to meet you. Rob.
Tom: Well, thanks! Have a good one, man. It was nice meeting you.
Rob: Thanks, same here.
(We part ways)

Half way through reading the conversation, you're probably wondering what this has to do with TRS and why Rob is so boring. I don't have an answer for the latter, but the former is quite simple. Cavanagh, who starred in Ed and plays a recurring roll on Scrubs, played Tom Farrell on the well reviewed, but not well received, Love Monkey. The character is a record exec who was canned from a Warner Bros sized label named Goliath and joined True Vinyl, an indie record label. Now, I don't know who came up with those names, but all I can say is... genius.

Although the show only lasted 3 episodes before CBS yanked it, there are 8 total episodes that were produced. If you want to see how a huge media company makes TV shows about, well, huge media companies, check out the first episode on Innertube. I hear they have plans on putting the other 7 shows up in the future, which I'm sure is music to G.L.'s ears.

I have no idea what Cavanagh was doing in Postal Square, or the loading dock for that matter. He was probably trying to sneak into the building without getting noticed... little did he know he'd meet a Rockist.

*This isn't an exact account, more of a general recollection. The conversation lasted longer than this. I actually made most of the dialect up but the themes are true.


G. L. Naut said...

i really wanted to like Love Monkey, but it just didn't do it for me...

Ginnie said...

Whoo, Rob! Almost famous, you.

cjudith said...

Oh goodness, I know this isn't Rockist related, but I LOVED Tom as Ed....seriously, I am jealous!