Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Something old...

If you look to your right, you will find a new logo by our good friend Nick. Here is your first glimpse at the faces behind TRS (good luck identifying us in a line up).

A challenge to our readers (who don't know us personally): can you tell who is whom?

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Mark - From the "Greatest American City" said...

Alright, seriously, you left in Lennon? Maybe it is just me, but if I’m grabbing one Beatle for a picture that is about me, I’m not taking the visionary who was the most recognizable and had the most impactful post-Fab Four existence. Personally, if it was my graphic, I’m leaving in Ringo first, George second (a close second because he might have a hot girlfriend you can steal with your own classic-riff rocker), John & Paul never. I can deal with someone who writes a few hits but I’m never taking (1) the guy who wrote a fucking Bond theme and got away with a band named 'Wings,' or (2) the guy whose death has translated into millions of posthumous t-shirt sales.