Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The XYZ Affair can outdo Britney Spears in anything

Alex Feder of The XYZ Affair recently informed the Rockists that they have retained the services of Richard Grabel, counsel to such bands as Sonic Youth, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, Tokyo Police Club and many more. Grabel is a partner in the NYC office of Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes, LLP, the same firm that represents Britney Spears in certain matters. I think you've heard of her.

Now, XYZ doesn't have any children to neglect and lose custody of, but if they did, they would neglect the shit out of those kids. None of this half assed, "I need a judge to determine where the kids should go" nonsense. It would be so obvious that XYZ are unfit parents that the President would create a mandate stating The XYZ Affair shall lose all custody of any living being and be castrated. That's how rock and roll these guys are.

Oh, and they are coming back to DC on October 28 at the Black Cat backstage with Small Sins. Better not bring your kids.

photo courtesy of the band's myspace page

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